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The SDCERS Scoop is SDCERS' quarterly, all-member newsletter covering general retirement information, announcements, profiles and feature stories of interest to SDCERS members.

Expand the publication year and click the links below to view PDF files of current and past issues.

SDCERS is committed to providing its members with the information they need to make educated choices about their retirement benefits. If you have an idea for a newsletter article, please submit your idea to SDCERS for consideration.

Click Contact Us to submit your ideas/comments on line.

TitleFile Size
collapse Publication Year: 2014
  Winter 20141260 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2013
  Summer 2013787 KB
  Spring 20133265 KB
  Winter 20131214 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2012
  Fall 20122047 KB
  Spring 20121898 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2011
  Fall 20111071 KB
  Spring 20111950 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2010
  Fall 2010798 KB
  Spring 20101133 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2009
  SDCERS Scoop Summer 2009508 KB
  SDCERS Scoop Spring 2009460 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2008
  Fall 2008716 KB
  Spring 20081684 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2007
  Fall/Winter 2007543 KB
  Summer 2007564 KB
  Spring 2007435 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2006
  Fall/Winter 2006448 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2005
  Summer/Fall 2005577 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2004
  Winter 2004815 KB
  Fall 2004917 KB
  Summer 2004817 KB
  Spring 2004903 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2003
  Winter 20031291 KB
  Fall 20031368 KB
  Summer 20031130 KB
  Spring 2003690 KB
collapse Publication Year: 2002
  Winter 2002734 KB
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