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SDCERS Downloadable Forms

Below are some commonly used forms. You may view/print these forms by clicking the link to the PDF file.

Please mail all completed forms to:

401 West A Street, Suite 400
San Diego, CA

You may also fax your form(s) to SDCERS at (619) 595-0513.

These forms are viewable in Portable Document Format (PDF) using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Click the icon to go to the Adobe website and download the free Adobe Reader

PSC Requests:  Commencing September 27, 2012, Members can use the on-line Purchase of Service Estimator located at the top of this screen to obtain an informal quote of the cost of a Purchase of Service Credit.  Members are encouraged to use the on-line PSC Estimator before submitting an official quote.  SDCERS receives a large number of PSC requests that are not acted on by Members because many Members only want an estimate of what the purchase will cost.  The PSC Estimator does not constitute an offer of a proposed PSC Contract from SDCERS.  To obtain an official quote, submit an application to SDCERS on-line through the Member Portal or by completing the PSC Request Form provided above.  For important information on Purchase of Service Credit, read the PSC booklet.  You can access that booklet by going to the Member Publications page or by clicking here:   PSC_pub.pdf

Not all SDCERS forms are available online. The following forms may be obtained by contacting SDCERS at (619) 525-3600 or toll free at (800) 774-4977.

  • SDCERS Membership Enrollment Form
  • Service Retirement Application
  • DROP Application
  • Application for Disability Retirement

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