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SDCERS Annual Reports

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) provides an overview and analysis of the financial activities of SDCERS. Included in this report are financial statements, investment return analysis, actuarial assumptions and analysis, statistical information, and more.

Below you will find current and past CAFRs. Additionally, you will find the Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR), which provide a user-friendly version of this same information in a condensed format.

To obtain a hard copy of the most recent CAFR or PAFR, please contact SDCERS at (800) 774-4977 or (619) 525-3600.

 TitleFile Size
collapse Fiscal Year: 2013
  2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report4165 KB
  2013 Popular Annual Financial Report616 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2012
  2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report4926 KB
  2012 Popular Annual Financial Report4641 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2011
  2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report6123 KB
  2011 Popular Annual Financial Report626 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2010
  2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report4569 KB
  2010 Popular Annual Financial Report2377 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2009
  2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report2579 KB
  2009 Popular Annual Financial Report1538 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2008
  2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report4507 KB
  2008 Popular Annual Financial Report8692 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2007
  2007 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report2268 KB
  2007 Popular Annual Financial Report220 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2006
  2006 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report10584 KB
  2006 Popular Annual Financial Report2793 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2005
  2005 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report3031 KB
  2005 Popular Annual Financial Report405 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2004
  2004 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report8608 KB
  2004 Popular Annual Financial Report2081 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2003
  2003 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report5503 KB
  2003 Popular Annual Financial Report140 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2002
  2002 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report4569 KB
  2002 Popular Annual Financial Report117 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2001
  2001 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report847 KB
collapse Fiscal Year: 2000
  2000 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report8688 KB
collapse Fiscal Year:
  370 KB

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