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Reciprocity is an agreement among certain public retirement systems such as SDCERS that allows Members—when changing jobs that move them from one “reciprocal” public retirement system to another—to qualify for certain benefits and combine their service credit in each system to meet vesting and eligibility requirements. The City of San Diego, the San Diego Unified Port District and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority are all public agencies that participate in SDCERS, an independent retirement system.

SDCERS has a reciprocity agreement with CALPERS and, as a result, has reciprocity with more than 2,000CALPERS, '37 act and independent public agencies in California.

Click on the Reciprocity booklet below for more information:



Where Can I Find A List of Reciprocal Agencies?

Click here for the CalPERS reciprocity booklet, below, which provides a comprehensive list of reciprocal agencies, beginning on Page 4.


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