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Airport Authority Retirement Benefits

All full-time employees of the Airport Authority are eligible for membership and are required to join the SDCERS defined benefit plan. Hourly employees are not eligible for membership in SDCERS. A defined benefit plan is a retirement plan in which you make contributions throughout your career, and which guarantees you a benefit from the time you retire until your death. Your benefit amount is based on a formula that calculates your years of service credit, age at retirement and your final compensation (highest one-year salary).

Membership groups

While all eligible Airport employees are considered General Members and belong to the Airport's General Member retirement plan, the Airport Membership has three specific groups. Each group is eligible for the same categories of benefits, however contribution offset rates and retirement factor choices may vary:

Standard Members - Any full-time Airport employee who:

  • Was hired by the Airport Authority on or after January 1, 2003, OR
  • Was hired by the San Diego Unified Port District between January 1, 2002, AND is not an Andrecht-Covered or Executive Member, as described below.

Andrecht-Covered Members - Any member who:

  • Was a San Diego Unified Port District employee on December 31, 2002 AND was employed by the San Diego Unified Port District and contributing to SDCERS on January 1, 2002 AND became an Airport Authority employee on January 1, 2003

Executive Members - The Airport Authority's President & Chief Executive Officer, General Counsel, Chief Auditor and Vice Presidents; and members of the Airport Authority's executive committee appointed pursuant to Section 170028 of the California Public Utilities Code.








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