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Service Retirement

Benefit eligiblity and benefit calculation

All SDCERS members pay contributions into the pension fund while they are employed. Once you have met the age and service credit requirements for your membership group, you may begin receiving a retirement benefit.

Your retirement benefit from SDCERS is a lifetime benefit. Additionally, you may choose to leave a monthly continuance to a spouse or beneficiary to be paid from the date of your death until the death of your beneficiary.

Your retirement benefit amount is determined by a formula comprised of three main components:


You will receive a percentage of your highest annual salary for every year of service credit that you have when you retire.

As an Airport General Member, your basic retirement benefit is 2.5% at 55. This means you will receive 2.5% of your highest one-year salary for each year of service credit.

Visit the Benefits Calculator at the top of this page to calculate examples of a service retirement benefit.

The Summary Plan Description for Airport General Members hired prior to October 3, 2006, contains service retirement benefit estimation tables based on your age at retirement and years of service credit, as well as other detailed information about how your benefit is calculated.

Click here to view the Summary Plan Description for Airport General Members.

Six to eight weeks before you plan to retire, contact SDCERS at 619.525.3600 for an appointment with a Retirement Counselor. During your appointment, an SDCERS Retirement Counselor will guide you through the retirement application process.


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