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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides oversight of the financial reporting process, the system of internal controls and the independent audit process.


David Kramer - Chair
Marilyn Brown        

Edward Kitrosser

James Smith

Business and Governance Committee

The Business and Governance Committee reviews SDCERS' business and procedures, recommending needed changes; develops strategic planning and performance plans; reviews actuarial valuations; reviews and approves    the annual budget; develops Board rules; and facilitates training programs
for Board members.


Valentine Hoy - Chair

Alan Arrollado

Edward Kitrosser

Thomas Sullivan

Denise Thompson

Richard Wilken

Disability Committee

The Disability Committee is responsible for hearing staff recommendations on disability applications; recommending to the Board final decisions on adjudicator findings with regard to disability retirement applications; and making recommendations for changes to the disability retirement process.


Alan Arrollado – Chair

Natasha Collura

Edward Kitrosser

Thanasi Preovolos

Richard Wilken

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for monitoring investment performance and market conditions; and recommending changes to the Investment Policy Statement.


Richard Tartre - Chair

William Haynor

Edward Kitrosser

Jimmy Steel

Denise Thompson

Jeffery Wallace


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