Educational Videos

(Note: SDCERS records all of its Board meetings, Business and Governance Committee meetings, and Annual Membership Meetings. To watch videos of past meetings, click here.)


Watch this video to learn about SDCERS and how your SDCERS pension works.

How DROP Works

Watch the video below to learn about how the Deferred Retirement Option Plan ("DROP") works.

SDCERS Pre-Retirement Webinar for Proposition B Employees

The information in this presentation is intended to provide City employees initially hired after July 19, 2012, but before July 10, 2021, with information about the City’s pension plan administered by SDCERS. However, the information provided in this presentation is not intended to create a contract between the City and any employee. The governing plan document contained in the San Diego Municipal Code and San Diego City Charter governs the operations of SDCERS. Accordingly, if any information in this presentation conflicts with the City’s plan document, the law, or SDCERS’ Board Rules, then the plan document, law, or Board Rules must prevail.

Divorce & Community Property

Watch the video below to learn about how a divorce might affect your SDCERS pension benefits.

SDCERS Annual Member Statement

Watch the video below to learn about your SDCERS Annual Member Statement.