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City of San Diego - Proposition B (Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative)


(See the Reciprocity Fact Sheet for more information)

California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 (“PEPRA”)

Collecting Overpaid Benefits or Underpaid Contributions

Purchase of Service Credit

(See the Purchase of Service Credit Fact Sheet for more information)

Disability Retirement Benefits

(See the Disability Retirement Fact Sheet for more information)

Deferred Retirement Option Plan (“DROP”)

(See the DROP Fact Sheet for more information)

Annual Supplemental Benefit ("13th Check"), Corbett, COLA, COL Annuity

Community Property Matters: Pension Benefits and Divorce

(See the Divorce & Community Property page for more information)

Working After Retirement

Retiree Healthcare Benefits

Death Benefits & Beneficiaries

(See the Death Benefits Fact Sheet for more information)