Community Property

Terminating a marriage or domestic partnership

Your SDCERS benefits are considered community property under California law if you were married or in a registered domestic partnership while employed with the City of San Diego, the Unified Port District, or the Airport Authority. Terminating your marriage or domestic partnership may impact your benefits.

There are legal requirements that should be followed in your divorce proceedings regarding your retirement benefits. SDCERS must be joined to the action if the benefits are to be divided. Court orders are not enforceable against SDCERS if it has not been joined to the divorce proceeding.

If you have questions concerning community property issues and your SDCERS benefits, please contact SDCERS' Legal Services Division at (619) 525-3640.

You should also review your beneficiary designations, as divorce may revoke any designation you currently have on file with SDCERS. If you are retired, you should also review your current tax withholding and exemptions. 

Click below to view SDCERS' Community Property Handbook.

Divorce & Community Property