Update on 2010 Purchase of Service Credit Correction Ruling

Date: Apr 22, 2016


In 2010, the California Fourth District Court of Appeal ordered SDCERS to correct certain underfunded purchases of service credit. Subsequently, several members filed lawsuits against SDCERS for correcting those purchases. The Superior Court found in favor of SDCERS in several of those lawsuits, and the plaintiffs appealed those rulings. This month, the Court of Appeal issued its rulings, affirming the Superior Court’s rulings in favor of SDCERS with one exception related to Safety Members. That one exception will return to the Superior Court for further proceedings. SDCERS is committed to following the court’s rulings and will keep you updated on further developments. To view the two recent rulings, click here and see the latest Court of Appeal Rulings listed under Abbe vs. SDCERS and City of San Diego and under Baidya vs. SDCERS.

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