SDCERS' Retiree Payroll Process Passes Emergency Preparedness Test

Date: Jul 11, 2011


No one likes to think about disasters and emergencies, but it is SDCERS' job to ensure retirees that they will receive their electronic pension payments, even in the event of an earthquake, fire or other disaster with the potential to interfere with our operations.

To test our preparedness, SDCERS staff recently conducted a simulated disaster event to ensure that our business continuity plan for pension payroll works. We planned our test to coincide with the regular monthly retiree payroll cycle, so that we could run a live production payroll file through the entire process. Had there been a problem with the test, we would have simply run payroll through our normal production process.

A strict, secure protocol was followed between SDCERS and our vendors to authorize, fund and process the electronic payroll file through SDCERS' clearing house bank and into retirees' personal bank accounts.

With SDCERS' business continuity testing a success, retirees can rest assured that their electronic checks will be deposited into their account, even if a disaster befalls SDCERS' operations.

NOTE:  If you are one of the few retirees who remain in the closed group that receives paper checks through the U.S. mail, you are highly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit, so that you will continue to receive your pension payment without interruption, should a disaster occur.


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