SDCERS Presents FY 2014 Popular Annual Financial Report

Date: Dec 30, 2014


SDCERS is pleased to present its Popular Annual Financial Report for FY 2014. The PAFR provides a summary of SDCERS' financial health, investment performance and key accomplishments throughout the year. Members will soon receive a hard copy of the PAFR via U.S. mail.

According to the PAFR, SDCERS’ successful year-end investment returns total 16.8 percent (net of fees) for the FY 2014. SDCERS’ three-year investment return was 10.2 percent, the five-year return was 13.5 percent, and the 10-year return was 7.8 percent. Returns over the past 25 years have averaged 9.2 percent annually. Assets under management grew by $1 billion during the fiscal year.

Members can read the e-version of the PAFR here:

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