SDCERS Now Accepting Nominations for Trustee Elections

Date: Nov 15, 2012


Nominating Petitions were mailed on Nov. 21st to all General and Fire Safety Members in preparation for upcoming elections for three seats on the SDCERS Board of Administration.

Elections will be held for the two General Member seats and the one Fire Safety Member seat. All three elections are to address Board terms that expire March 31, 2013. The current incumbents are eligible to serve another four-year term, if they submit a valid nominating petition and are re-elected. The new Board terms are four years and begin on April 1, 2013.

Each election is held separately and only Members in each Member Classification of the specific seat may be nominated for that seat. Lifeguards are eligible to vote for the Fire Safety Member seat. Nominations are due Thursday, January 3, 2013 no later than 5:00 P.M. The nominating petition must be received by SDCERS via fax, e-mail or hand delivery by the deadline. Following the nomination deadlines, Members will receive election booklets from SDCERS with candidate information and instructions on how to participate in the voting process. If only one Member is nominated for any of the three seats, no election need be held, and therefore no booklet would be mailed to that Member group.

The winners of each election will be announced on the SDCERS web site.

 Nomination Petition for General Members


 Nomination Petition for Fire Safety Members

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