SDCERS' New Member Portal Now Available! Sign Up Today!

Date: Jun 06, 2014


SDCERS' new, enhanced Member Portal is now available!

Register today to take advantage of the new tools and features available to help you prepare for and enjoy retirement. Beginning June 9th, you will simply need to re-register on the new Portal to take advantage of the latest interactive and easy-to-use online tools to manage your benefits – at the highest level of security.

Follow the quick 5-step process below to register and re-register:

  1. Click on the Registration and Log-In button below. You will be taken to your first registration screen where you will need to select the "Register" option at the bottom, left hand side of the screen
  2. From the Registration screen, you will be taken to the Privacy Policy page. Please review the disclaimers and then press "I Agree."
  3. From the Privacy Policy page, you wil be taken to the Confirm Your Identity page. Enter your informaiton in all fields, exactly as it is in your member record. You must enter all required fields before pressing "Continue."
  4. From the Confirm Your Indentity page, you will be taken to the Enter Portal Information page. Here you will be required to enter your email address and a password. By providing your email address, SDCERS will be able to send you email updates about important plan changes and benefit announcements. When you have completed this step, press "Continue."
  5. You're now a registered user! Log on anytime via the Registration and Log-In button on the homepage of the website to view account information and make updates. If you have any questions or experience technical issues, please contact the SDCERS Call Center at 619-525-3600.

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