SDCERS Announces Final Fiscal Year 2013 Investment Returns of 13.6%

Date: Oct 24, 2013


The San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System today announced final investment earnings of 13.6% (net of fees) for fiscal year 2013. The total fund policy benchmark was 12.6%. This placed SDCERS’ return in the top 17th percentile of the public funds universe, as measured by the Bank of New York Mellon.

Asset class performance was strong throughout the portfolio. U.S. equities returned 22.8% versus its benchmark of 21.5%, Non-U.S. equities returned 15.2% versus its benchmark of 13.9%, and U.S. fixed income exceeded its benchmark by 1.2%. Return figures for real estate and private equity were 12.8% and 21.2%, respectively. 

Returns over longer time periods also remain strong: 3-year annualized returns of 12.5% and 10-year returns of 8.1%. The market value (unaudited) of the portfolio was $6.1 billion as of August 31, 2013.

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