Retiree Health Benefits Election

Date: Sep 09, 2011


An election is underway to vote on certain changes to Retiree Health Benefits, proposed by the City of San Diego. The election takes place from Friday, September 9, through midnight on Friday, September 23, 2011.

SDCERS is conducting this election pursuant to the San Diego Municipal Code. SDCERS sent out these election materials on September 7 to all City of San Diego Active and Active DROP Members, classified and unclassified.

Contact Your Labor Union For Additional Information
After reading the materials sent by SDCERS, you may have questions. For additional information regarding how this affects you specifically, according to your bargaining unit, please direct your questions to your labor union office.

Helpful Resources From the City of San Diego's Human Resources Department

Below are links to several documents from the City, summarizing the proposed changes.

  View City of San Diego Video on Retiree Health

 City of San Diego Powerpoint Presentation on Retiree Health 
 Summary: Retiree Health Tentative Agreement
 Summary:  Retiree Health Tentative Agreement - POA
 Summary:  Retiree Health Tentative Agreement - Unclassifieds & Classified-Unrepresenteds 

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