City's Pension Plan Reopened as of July 10, 2021

Date: Aug 20, 2021


The City of San Diego officially reopened its pension plan to all non-police employees hired by the City on or after July 10, 2021 - almost exactly nine years from Proposition B’s effective date. Such employees will fall into the most recent plan tier according to their member classification – General, Safety Fire, or Safety Lifeguard. Please review your pension plan summary according to hire date here. Police Safety members continue to be enrolled in a defined contribution plan while in the Police Academy and become SDCERS members once they are sworn.
However, we still do not know exactly how the trial court’s ruling will be implemented with respect to those non-sworn police officers hired by the City between July 20, 2012 and July 9, 2021, who have been participating in a 401(k)-style plan rather than the pension system. The City and relevant labor unions are in continuing negotiations. Please remember that SDCERS administers the City’s pension system pursuant to the relevant provisions of the City Charter and San Diego Municipal Code – it does not play a part in negotiating the pension benefits it is charged with administering. Please direct any questions regarding Prop B to your respective labor union representative or to the City’s Human Resources Department.

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