Date: Mar 24, 2020


RETIRED MEMBERS: We want to reassure you that pension benefits will continue to be paid on time – you can expect your benefit to be deposited into your account on the last business day of each month. We are still processing health reimbursement requests as usual. However, due to most employees telecommuting at present, your request will likely be processed faster if you can send in the paperwork via email (attached as a PDF) to Note: if you are using an Apple product to send the email, in Mail, please select "Format" and click on "Make Plain Text" - we've received reports of emails not getting through our firewalls if this extra step isn't taken when using an Apple product. Alternatively, you may fax your documents to (858) 581-5314, or mail them to our office at 401 West A Street, Ste. 400, San Diego, CA 92101.

NON-RETIRED MEMBERS: Please be advised SDCERS is currently experiencing a flood of requests for retirement counseling appointments. On top of this, we are having to reschedule many current appointments and prioritize those that are most urgent. If you are thinking about retiring soon, please review the fact sheets and FAQs on our website, which may help answer many of your questions in advance. You can also utilize our Benefit Estimate Calculator by logging in to your Member Portal account. Once you have reviewed all of the pertinent information, if you want to schedule a retirement counseling appointment, you must submit an online retirement application through your Member Portal account by clicking “Online Applications” on the left panel. Keep in mind this electronic application is not final – your submission simply prompts us to contact you to schedule a counseling appointment. Those who have a counseling appointment already scheduled, as well as those who have recently requested an appointment, will be contacted by SDCERS staff sometime in the coming weeks. Please bear with us as we are understaffed and overwhelmed with requests for appointments. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this uncertain and confusing time.
As a reminder to all, our offices are currently closed, so you may not drop off any paperwork in person or meet with SDCERS staff. Additionally, our Call Center is closed, which means no one is available to answer our main line. Instead, please submit all inquiries through our Contact Us page and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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