Farewell, Marcelle

Date: Jan 16, 2024


Friday, SDCERS said a bittersweet goodbye to our Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Marcelle Voorhies Rossman, who retired after attending her last SDCERS Board meeting as part of our staff. Marcelle gave more than 23 years of her career to the City of San Diego, and about 10 of those years were spent on SDCERS’ team. After many years leading our Benefits Administration Division, Marcelle spent the last six years as our Deputy CEO, overseeing not only Benefits Administration, but also Member Services, Finance, Retiree Health, Disability Retirement, and Death Benefits. Her knowledge of actuarial science and her expertise when it comes to organizing and analyzing spreadsheets is unparalleled. In recent years, Marcelle took the lead working with the City to facilitate the reversal of Proposition B, a huge undertaking that required near-constant attention and coordination across multiple City departments.

Portrait of Marcelle Voorhies Rossman
While Marcelle’s upbeat attitude, motivational leadership style, and institutional knowledge will be sorely missed, we know she has trained her team well and prepared SDCERS staff to fill in the hole she leaves behind. Please join us as, with mixed emotions, we congratulate our esteemed Deputy CEO on her well-earned retirement.

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