SDCERS' IT Department Receives 2022 MISAC Quality IT Practices Award

Date: Dec 16, 2022


SDCERS is proud to announce it has received the Municipal Information System Association of California (MISAC) Quality Information Technology Practices Award for the fifth year in a row. MISAC is a collaborative organization of California local government IT professionals with the goal of promoting leadership, information sharing, and access to resources to enhance local government services and effectiveness. Membership includes cities, towns, public safety, special districts, and other local governmental agencies/districts. 

Quality IT Practices Award - 2022. This certificate is awarded to San Diego City Employees' Retirement System. David Bond, Information Technology Division. In recognition of quality information technology practices. Signed, Hong Sue, MISAC State Board President; and Bryon Horn, Awards Committee Chairman. Dated September 29, 2022.

MISAC's Quality IT Practices program is meant to document and acknowledgement MISAC agencies that are following IT best practices. Applicants are required to submit a detailed questionnaire and supporting material. Agency’s strengths are benchmarked to System Administration, Audit, Network, and Security (SANS) Institute standards. The SANS Institute is a cooperative research and education organization of security practitioners from varied worldwide organizations, corporations, and universities working together to help the global information security community.
Receiving MISAC Quality IT Practices Award is an honor and tribute to the dedication and performance of SDCERS’ IT staff and contractors.

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