Prop B Agreement Reached Between City and Some Labor Unions

Date: Feb 01, 2022


The MEA recently posted an article on their website announcing a tentative agreement regarding the invalidation of Proposition B (“Prop B”). You can review this article here. Yesterday, the City Council approved an agreement with the MEA and Local 127 regarding the unwinding of Prop B – you can review the materials associated with this agenda item from yesterday’s meeting, including a summary of the agreement, the draft resolution adopting the agreement, and the staff report on this resolution. The City is still in negotiations with the other relevant labor unions and will release more information once agreements are reached.
Please be advised that SDCERS was not a party to any negotiations, and we do not have any additional information about any tentative or final agreements reached other than what has already been made available to the public. That being said, if you are a Prop B employee (non-sworn City employees initially hired between July 20, 2012 and July 10, 2021) and you do end up becoming an SDCERS member, you will join the most recent plan tier according to your member classification – General, Safety Police, Safety Fire, or Safety Lifeguard. Please review your pension plan summary according to your initial hire date here, where you can see your plan tier’s current contribution rates, retirement factors, eligibility requirements, and more. Active Prop B employees will also have educational trainings assigned to them in Success Factors that must be completed.
To reiterate, SDCERS administers the City’s pension system pursuant to the relevant provisions of the City Charter and San Diego Municipal Code – it does not play a part in negotiating the pension benefits it is charged with administering. Therefore, we will be unable to answer any questions related to the outcome of any negotiations between the City and relevant labor unions regarding Prop B. Please direct any questions regarding Prop B to your respective labor union representative or to the City’s Risk Management Department, which you can contact via email at If you would prefer to ask your questions over the phone, please submit an appointment request using this form:
SDCERS will not have your name or any information about you in our system until we receive the formal transmittal from the City, which likely will not be until the beginning of September 2022 – approximately two months after you officially join the system on July 9, 2022. This is because joining the system will require a transfer from your SPSP-H account (managed by Principal), and it will take time for the City and Principal to process the requisite paperwork before the transmittal is sent to SDCERS; the transmittal is what provides SDCERS with the identities of the new members and their information. Until that time, SDCERS will not be able to answer any specific questions about your account. Please be sure to view the educational materials available via Success Factors in your SAP account, which provide all of the available information about this transition.

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