New State and Federal Tax Rates in 2013

Date: Jan 14, 2013


New California and federal tax withholding rates went into effect January 1, 2013. You may wish to consider having your tax preparer review your withholdings and ensure you are withholding the correct amount.

SDCERS is required under state and federal law to report any distributions made to Members in a given calendar year. Your withholding amount is based on the state and federal tax election you filed with SDCERS.

Under IRS rules, federal withholding is based on marital status and the number of allowances you claim when you make your federal income tax election. If you did not make any election, per IRS guidelines, you would have defaulted to married with three exemptions.

Below are the California Withholding Schedules for 2013 and new Federal IRS rates.


Method A – Wage Bracket Table Method

Method B - Exact Calculation Method


IRS Rates

To change your state or federal income tax withholding election, click here to access a printable form on the SDCERS website. Forms may be submitted by fax to 619-595-0513 or by mail to 401 West A Street San Diego, Suite 400 California 92101. Alternatively, to change your federal income tax withholding election, you may print the IRS Form W-4P available here.

To change your state income tax withholding election (if different from your federal tax withholding election), print an EDD Form DE-4, available to download from the State of California EDD site here.

Additional information on federal income tax withholding is available on the IRS web site here.

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