New Policy Impacts Members Represented by Local 145

Date: May 14, 2014


At the May 2014 meeting, the Board of Administration approved Board Rule 6.50, which impacts DROP participants who are eligible to extend their DROP participation period beyond five years. The San Diego Municipal Code allows DROP participants who are represented by San Diego City Fire Fighters Local 145 the option of extending their DROP participation beyond five years using their unused annual leave.

Effective immediately, if you are in DROP and eligible to extend your five-year DROP participation period by the amount of unused annual leave you have accrued, Board Rule 6.50 provides that you must file a written election to extend your DROP participation period. The election notice must state the extension period and must be received by SDCERS before the last day of your designated DROP period in order to apply. If the written election is not timely received , you will waive your right to extend DROP and your participation in DROP will terminate on the last day of the designated five-year period.

Active, DROP-eligible members will receive a formal letter regarding this policy within the next two weeks. If you have questions about this new Board Rule, please call the SDCERS Call Center at 619-525-3600. If you would like to check your DROP balance, log onto the Member Portal available on the homepage at

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