Create Your SDCERS Member Portal Account Today!

Date: Sep 09, 2022


If you have not already done so, please register your account on the secure SDCERS Member Portal! This message is for all SDCERS Members, but particularly for City employees affected by Proposition B, who joined the system as of July 9, 2022 and are now able to register.
Please note that non-retired members will need to know the exact amount of your last SDCERS member contribution in order to complete registration – you can find this amount on your most recent paycheck, under “Pre-Tax Deductions.” Members who are actively participating in DROP will need to know the amount of their last DROP contribution, and retired members will need to know the exact amount of their last pension payment.
Also, we recommend you use a personal email address for registration, rather than your work email address – this is because you will lose access to your work email address when you terminate employment with your plan sponsor and/or retire, but you will still need access to your Member Portal account.
Member Portal Highlights
Here are the most important aspects of your Member Portal as an active Member:

  1. Update Beneficiary Designations – please do this immediately! In the event of your untimely death, SDCERS needs to know to whom you would like us to pay your applicable death benefits. You can name multiple beneficiaries, as well as primary and alternate beneficiaries, and you can add or remove beneficiaries at any time via your Member Portal account. Please review our Death Benefits Fact Sheet for more information.

  2. Reciprocity Request – if you would have been able to establish reciprocity when you were initially hired by the City, had you immediately began participating in SDCERS, you can now begin the process to establish reciprocity via your Member Portal. Once reciprocity has been accepted or denied, you will receive a letter stating the outcome – please note that the process to establish reciprocity may take several months. You can review our Reciprocity & Blended Benefits Fact Sheet for more information.

  3. Benefit Estimate Calculator – a very important tool in retirement planning, you can use this calculator to input hypothetical retirement scenarios and get an idea of what your future pension benefit might look like under different sets of circumstances. Please take a look at our Benefit Estimate Calculator Fact Sheet for guidance when generating an estimate.

  4. Monitor Your Individual SDCERS Contribution Account – if you are a Prop B employee, your SPSP-H funds were transferred to your SDCERS account several weeks ago. You can view your SDCERS contribution account via the Portal and watch it grow as you continue to add contributions and as interest accrues every July 1st.

  5. Submit Purchase of Service Credit Requests – you may be eligible to purchase certain periods of time where you were not contributing to SDCERS. You can submit a Service Purchase Request via your Member Portal and SDCERS will send you a list of all (if any) periods of time you are eligible to purchase, as well as how much each period of time costs. Please review our Purchase of Service Credit Fact Sheet for more information.

  6. Apply for Retirement – when you are within six months of being both age and service eligible to retire, you will begin the retirement process by submitting an online application in your Member Portal.

If you have any questions or encounter a problem when trying to register, please contact SDCERS at (619) 525-3600, open on regular business days from 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Alternatively, you can send us an electronic message via our Contact Us page.

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