Mayor Vetoes Appointments to SDCERS Board of Administration

Date: Jul 18, 2013


Mayor Bob Filner has vetoed the Council resolution confirming his appointment of four Trustees to the SDCERS Board of Administration, following appointee Mark Ealy's decision not to serve. Herb Morgan, Edward Kitrosser, Athanasios (Thanasi) Preovolos and Mark Ealy were appointed by Mayor Filner in May and confirmed by the City Council in June to serve four year terms ending March 31, 2017.

Despite the veto, the Board of Administration maintains its quorum and its ability to carry out System business will not be impacted. Eleven of 13 seats are currently occupied and seven are required for a quorum. Accordingly, the reappointments of Morgan and Kitrosser remain pending and the appointment of Preovolos has been suspended. Both Morgan and Kitrosser are holding over from their original terms until which time the Mayor submits his updated appointments. The Mayor's veto, if timely, is within his authority under the City Charter. 

SDCERS will be working with the City Council and the Mayor’s office to fill the vacant seats promptly. The City Council is scheduled to discuss the Mayor’s veto on July 23rd at 2:00 p.m.

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