Judge Rules in Favor of SDCERS in Purchase of Service Litigation

Date: Jun 20, 2014


Judge Prager has granted SDCERS’ Motion for Summary Judgment in the Purchase of Service (PSC) Corrections Litigation. The PSC Corrections litigation involves nine lawsuits filed by City and Airport employees with PSC contracts affected by a 2010 Court of Appeal decision relating to underpricing of purchase of service contracts for “air time.”

The ruling resolved five of the PSC lawsuits filed by affected members that were assigned to Judge Prager. Plaintiffs in those cases have sixty days from the entry of judgment to file an appeal. SDCERS regrets the hardship to its members caused by this ruling, but believes that this decision is the correct one and is in the best interest of the trust fund as a whole.

Four outstanding PSC lawsuits remain open, three of which will be considered by a separate judge at a hearing scheduled for October 17, 2014. The fourth will be considered by Judge Prager at a hearing scheduled for October 31, 2014.

For more information on the PSC Corrections litigation, click here

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