City Retirees Enrolling in Private Health Plans May Be Eligible to Participate in New Automatic Reimbursement Process

Date: Apr 11, 2022


This article is only applicable to City retirees who have a health reimbursement plan through the City.
Beginning with plan year 2023, the City is allowing SDCERS to offer an Annual Privately Secured reimbursement option for certain health plans. This will allow eligible members to receive an automatic reimbursement each month throughout the plan year, without having to provide monthly proof of payment. Eligible City retirees will receive a letter in November 2022 describing the new Annual Privately Secured reimbursement option, which will be fully implemented in January 2023, when the new plan year begins.
In order to qualify for the automatic reimbursement, you must be a City retiree enrolling in a private health insurance plan that has the same monthly premium for a 12-month period. Retirees enrolled in a health plan with fluctuating premium amounts do not qualify and will need to continue submitting monthly reimbursement requests.
Note: If you are a City retiree enrolling in a new plan before January 2023, you may be eligible for early participation in the Annual Privately Secured automatic reimbursement option when your new plan begins – please contact the SDCERS Health Team at for more information. However, if you already enrolled in your new plan for 2022, you will not be able to begin participating in the automatic reimbursement process until your plan renews.

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