For Deferred Members: Information on Upcoming Changes to Retiree Health Benefits

Date: Feb 08, 2012


On February 6, 2012, SDCERS sent the following letter to Deferred Members providing important information about upcoming changes to the City of San Diego’s Retiree Health Benefits.  If you are a Deferred Member and want to determine your eligibility for retirement, please contact SDCERS’ Call Center at 619.525.3600 or review the attached letter and then log onto the SDCERS Member Portal and view your account to determine your current service credit. 

 Letter Sent to Deferred Members February 6, 2012 

SDCERS has also posted the following documents, prepared and provided by the City of San Diego, as a courtesy to eligible Deferred Members who may be considering retiring on or before March 31, 2012 due to the changes taking place to retiree health care on April 1, 2012. If you have any questions concerning the changes to the retiree health benefit, please email your questions to

 Frequently Asked Questions on Post-Employment (Retiree) Health Benefits

 PowerPoint Presentation on Post-Employment (Retiree) Health Benefits

 Option C Funding Information

 Ch 2, Art. 9, Div. 1 of Municipal Code:  Post Employment Health Benefits

 Retiree Health - Tentative Agreement Summary

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