SDCERS' 2020 (Virtual) Annual Membership Meeting

Date: Oct 26, 2020


In keeping with this year's trend, SDCERS’ 2020 Annual Membership Meeting took place virtually as a recorded Zoom meeting. It was not a live event; rather, you can watch the presentations at your leisure via our YouTube channel by clicking here. The theme of the meeting was "Every Challenge Encountered is an Opportunity for Growth," and the presenters did a great job of explaining what major challenges SDCERS has faced, both recently and in the past, and how SDCERS approached and overcame these obstacles.

Here is a sneak preview of this year's presentations:

  • Liza Crisafi, Chief Investment Officer, provided a summary of SDCERS' investment performance in fiscal year 2020.

  • Marcelle Voorhies Rossman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, explained how SDCERS handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Gregg Rademacher, Chief Executive Officer, incorporated some of his favorite sayings while he talked about SDCERS' trials and tribulations, both new and old, and reassured SDCERS’ membership that its pension system will meet any challenge in order to pay benefits accurately and timely, and ensure the trust fund’s safety, integrity, and growth.

  • Cynthia Queen, Member Services Director, gave a brief overview of the Member Portal for both active and retired members, and encouraged all members to register for their own Member Portal account if they haven’t already.

We encourage you to take the time to watch the meeting and let us know what you think via our Contact Us page. This is an annual event that is usually held in person, giving us an opportunity to engage with our membership. Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet with you all in person this year, but we hope to see you all at next year's meeting!


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