SDCERS' 2022 Annual Membership Meeting Video

Date: Nov 16, 2022


This year's Annual Membership Meeting took place in-person at the Balboa Park Club Ballroom on October 26th. If you missed it, you can download a copy of the presentation here.
The theme of the meeting was "A fiduciary builds the strongest trust from bricks of integrity, transparency, and customer service, which is reinforced by accountability and professionalism," which incorporates all of SDCERS’ core values.

Here is a short synopsis of this year's presentations:

  • Marcelle Voorhies Rossman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, explained how SDCERS participated in the unwinding of Proposition B, which closed the City’s pension system to most new hires between July 20, 2012 and July 10, 2021.

  • Carina Coleman, Chief Investment Officer, provided a summary of SDCERS' investment performance and other investment activities in fiscal year 2022.

  • Gregg Rademacher, Chief Executive Officer, expanded on SDCERS' core values and how these values are upheld by SDCERS’ staff in the pursuit of securing all of our members’ current and future pension benefits.

  • Cynthia Queen, Member Services Director, discussed SDCERS’ fiduciary duty to our members and the importance of communication from a member services standpoint, gave a brief overview of the Member Portal, and encouraged all members to register for their own Member Portal account.

We'd like to thank the attendees at this year's meeting for being a wonderful, engaging audience. The meeting was video recorded and you can watch it here. We hope to see you all at next year's meeting!

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