Contribution Rate Adjustments for City of San Diego Active Members

Date: Jan 28, 2014


Beginning July 2014, active SDCERS members from the City of San Diego will experience a decrease in their biweekly contribution rates due to adjustments made to the System’s discount rate, inflationary pay assumptions and multi-year pay freeze agreements made between the City and its labor unions. On average, as a percentage of pay, rates will be reduced by 0.65 percent for General members and reduced by 0.84 percent for Safety members.

This reduction will ultimately increase biweekly take home pay for employees. To find out the estimated contribution rate change and an estimate of the increase to a member’s biweekly pay check, click on a member tier (based on initial hire date) and follow the steps provided below. Initial hire dates can be confirmed by logging onto the SDCERS’ Member Portal here.

General Members – Hired Before July 1, 2009
General Members – Hired On or After July 1, 2009
Fire Safety Members – Hired Before January 1, 2012
Fire Safety Members – Hired On or After January 1, 2012
Lifeguard Safety Members – Hired Before July 1, 2011
Police Safety Members – Hired Before July 1, 2009
Police Safety Members – Hired On or After July 1, 2009 and Before January 1, 2012
Police Safety Members – Hired On or After January 1, 2012 and Before August 2, 2012 
Police Safety Members – Hired On or After August 2, 2012 and Before July 1, 2013 
Police Safety Members -- Hired On or After July 1, 2013
  1. Once you've clicked on your tier based on initial hire date, find your entry age. Your entry age is your age when you were initially hired, rounded up if it was less than six months until your next birthday. For example, if you were hired when you were 31 years and 7 months old, your entry age is 32.
  2. From your entry age, locate your new and old contribution rate.
  3. Determine the amount of your current contribution by looking at your paystub under the "Pre-Tax Deductions" section.
  4. Use the following calculation to determine your new contribution amount: Current contribution amount (/) divided by old rate (X) multipled by the new rate = New contribution amount
  5. Your new contribution amount (determined in step #4) subtracted from your current (higher) contribution amount equals your biweekly pay increase.
Note: The information provided above is intended to provide members with an estimate. Estimates may vary depending on a member’s individual account details and benefit eligibility. For general inquiries, please call the SDCERS Call Center at 619-525-3600 or contact us through the Contact Us page online here.

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