City Council Approves Ordinance Removing SDCERS' Authority to Settle Litigation

Date: Sep 15, 2011


The San Diego City Council has approved an ordinance designed to remove SDCERS' constitutional authority to settle litigation without approval of the Council.

On September 13, 2011, the City Council voted unanimously in favor of the ordinance. Proposal of the ordinance came after SDCERS' Board of Administration settled the Italiano/MEA case, after significant deliberation and consideration of the risk in incurring greater litigation costs.

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Following the first reading of the ordinance on July 26, 2011, SDCERS CEO Mark Hovey responded with a letter on September 9, 2011 to City Council, citing numerous legal cases supporting SDCERS' position that the ordinance is unconstitutional and restricts a power granted exclusively to the SDCERS Board by the California Constitution and the City Charter.  Hovey also spoke at the September 13 Council meeting.  Click below to view/print Hovey's letter to City Council, and to view the meeting.

  Hovey Letter to City Council - September 9, 2011

City Council Meeting (click here for Archive & select Tuesday, September 13, 2011)

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