Two Respected Trustees End Their Time at SDCERS

Date: May 16, 2017



At left, Mark Hovey presents Ed Kitrosser with a certificate of appreciation. At right, Hovey honors Alan Arrollado with his certificate of appreciation.
SDCERS recently honored two highly respected trustees, Ed Kitrosser and Alan Arrollado, for their service on the Board of Administration.
Both Trustees served as president of the Board during their tenure, ensuring retirement security for the members of SDCERS during especially difficult times.
Kitrosser, a certified public account, was appointed to the Board in April 2009 by Mayor Jerry Sanders and was reappointed to serve a second four-year term in July 2013. Kitrosser served as a member of the Board’s Disability, Business and Governance, Investment and Audit Committees, and served as president from 2013 to 2015. Kitrosser will continue to serve as a member of the Audit Committee, which includes members who are not on the full Board.
“Ed is an outstanding leader whose financial background and integrity helped lead the Board to its current status as a leader in pension governance,” said CEO Mark Hovey.
Arrollado, a battalion chief, was elected as the Fire Safety Trustee for the past eight years, and Board President for the last two years. He served on the Disability, Investment, and Business and Governance Committees.
“Alan’s comprehensive knowledge of the SDCERS plan has been crucial to restoring the stability of the trust fund. He has been an outstanding fiduciary for our system’s 20,000 members, and he will be missed,” said Hovey. “I am thankful to both of these public servants for their commitment and guidance.”

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