SDCERS' Board Elects Paul Kaufmann Board President

Date: May 13, 2022


After many years of service, longtime Board Member and previous Board President Carina Coleman is leaving SDCERS' Board of Administration. On behalf of all SDCERS staff, we sincerely thank you for volunteering your time to serve on our Board. 

At today's Board meeting, Paul Kaufmann (formerly Board Vice President) was unanimously elected to assume the position of Board President. Mr. Kaufmann also currently serves on SDCERS' Business & Governance Committee and previously served on SDCERS' Audit Committee for many years. He is also a Community Advisory Board Member at Sanford Burnham Prebys, a non-profit medical research institution that is dedicated to finding cures for human diseases. In his free time, Mr. Kaufmann works as an Adjunct Professor at Brandman University’s Business School in Irvine, CA. 

Photo of Paul Kaufmann

SDCERS' Board and staff looks forward to continue working with Paul Kaufmann as we all strive to fulfill SDCERS' mission of delivering benefits timely and accurately, and ensuring the trust fund's safety, integrity, and growth.

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