2016 Medicare Part B Update

Date: Dec 16, 2015


If you recently received an increase or decrease to your Medicare Part B premium, you will need to submit to SDCERS your 2016 Benefit Verification Letter from the Social Security Administration to be reimbursed for this increased or decreased amount. If you do not submit it, you will continue to receive the reimbursement amount SDCERS has on file.

To view the letter sent by SDCERS, click here

You may submit your 2016 Benefit Verification Letter in the following ways:


  • Fax a copy to: (619) 595-0513
  • Mail or deliver a copy to: 401 W. A Street, Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92101 Attn: Health
  • E-mail a scanned copy to: health@sdcers.org
If you have any questions regarding the Medicare Part B reimbursement process, contact SDCERS at (619) 525-3600. The current health benefits booklet is on our website under the Publications tab. Be sure to take advantage of the Member Portal, accessible from the home page, where you can register and then view your benefit information at any time.

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