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Health Reimbursement

Your health allowance can be used to offset the cost of privately-secured health insurance premiums (plans not sponsored by the City), as well as certain medical expenses.

Reimbursement Basics

Changes to retiree health benefits in the past several years have resulted in different groups of Retirees who, depending on their retirement date, are eligible for different retiree health benefits.

In addition, how you may use your allowance - i.e. what types of costs you may or may not be eligible to be reimbursed for - also depends on your retirement date.

  1. Please refer to the current Open Enrollment booklet in the Health Forms & Booklet section of this website for detailed specifics on your health allowance and how it may be used.
  2. In the booklet, using the bookmarks included in the PDF, flip to the section of the book that pertains to your retirement date, for information on your specific retiree health benefit and reimbursement options.  

Required Documentation For Reimbursement of Privately-Secured Health Insurance

You may request reimbursement of your individual medical insurance plan premium up to your maximum monthly allowance if you are enrolled in a non City-sponsored health plan. After approval of the required documentation, SDCERS will reimburse you up to the cost of your plan(s) premium(s) or the amount of your maximum monthly allowance, whichever is less.

Following submission of the Health Insurance Reimbursement form, which can be found on the Health Forms & Booklet section of this website, you are required to submit your Proof of Payment each month you are seeking reimbursement. You do NOT, however, need to submit the Health Insurance Reimbursement form each time you submit your Proof of Payment.