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Tax information

The pre-tax portion of your retirement benefit is subject to both state and federal tax. You may elect to have or to not have taxes withheld directly from your retirement benefit payments. SDCERS strongly recommends you discuss these options with a tax professional.

When you submit your application for retirement, you also submit a form indicating the amount of taxes you want taken out of your monthly benefit, if any. Following this initial election, you may fill out a new federal and/or California state withholding form to change your tax withholding(s) at any time. Visit the SDCERS Member Portal to change your tax withholding and submit your information directly, or click the forms below to manually download and complete the form(s).

Click here for the Federal Tax Withholding Form.
Click here for the California State Tax Withholding Form.

Form 1099-R
SDCERS will send you a Form 1099-R tax statement each year in late January. The statement contains detailed information regarding retirement benefits paid to you in the preceding tax year, for tax filing purposes. You may view your current and previous 1099-Rs by visiting the Member Portal. This online copy, however, is for informational purposes only and is not for use in filing your taxes with the IRS.