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Supplemental Benefits

Note: SDCERS members hired by the Airport on or after October 3, 2006 are not eligible to receive the "13th check" supplemental benefit.

Supplemental "13th Check" benefit
The supplemental "13th Check" benefit is paid from trust fund assets to eligible retirees in years when the qualification formula specified in the Municipal Code is satisfied. When qualified, SDCERS will calculate and pay the 13th Check to all eligible retirees annually in November. Generally, the amount of this benefit is $30 for each year of service credit with SDCERS (this does not include reciprocal time).*

To be eligible for the benefit, you must have at least 10 years of service credit and be on the retirement payroll for the month of October in the year in which the benefit is paid.

Survivors of eligible retirees will receive a proportionate share of this supplemental benefit.