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Reciprocity is a way for members who move between one or more "reciprocal" government agency retirement systems to qualify for certain benefits and combine their service credit in each system to meet vesting and eligibility requirements.

Reciprocity is an agreement between SDCERS employers (the City of San Diego, the Unified Port District and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority) and the California Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). More than 1,200 governmental agencies in California have reciprocal agreements with PERS.


There are three key requirements to establishing reciprocity:

  • You must begin employment with the reciprocal retirement system within 180 days of terminating with your previous employer. You may establish incoming or outgoing reciprocity. That is, you may enter SDCERS membership having service credit in another reciprocal system, or you may leave SDCERS membership and begin working for a reciprocal employer. In both cases, you may establish reciprocity if you move between systems within 180 days.
  • You must leave your contributions on deposit with the each associated agency until you retire.
  • You must retire from all reciprocal system on the same date.


If you have eligible service credit in a reciprocal system, your SDCERS age-based contribution rate, creditable service required for vesting and salary used in calculating your benefit amount could be more favorable if you elect to establish reciprocity.

When you retire, you will receive a separate retirement benefit from each system, based on the service credit you earned while in that system. Your service credit in each system, however, may be combined for purposes of meeting specific vesting and eligibility requirements. Also, SDCERS may use your highest final compensation under any reciprocal system when calculating your retirement benefit and may use your entry age with your previous employer as your age of entry with SDCERS, which can lower your contribution rate.

If you would like additional information about CalPERS-covered employment and eligible reciprocal entities, please contact CalPERS at (800) 352-2238 or visit their website at Also, you may view/download the CalPERS reciprocity brochure below.

CALPERS Reciprocity Booklet

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