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Airport Authority: General Members

Contribution Rates

General Members are required to make bi-weekly, pre-tax contributions from their paychecks to the SDCERS trust fund.

Member contribution rates are based on your age of entry into SDCERS or a reciprocal system. Your age is established either when you begin your job with the Airport, or when you move from an Airport position in which you were not contributing to SDCERS (an hourly employee, for example) into a position that makes you eligible for SDCERS membership. Once established, your contribution rate will remain the same throughout your career with the Airport, as long as your service is unbroken.

The following table shows the age-based contribution rates for your membership plan. To find your contribution rate, determine your entry age by the birthday nearest the day you became a member of SDCERS.

Employer Offset Rate

Your employee contribution is partially subsidized by your employer in the form of an offset percentage. Thus, your bi-weekly contribution is reduced by the employee contribution rate by the applicable employer offset rate. The employer offset percentage may be changed by the City of San Diego. Increases or decreases in the employer-paid offset will result in either an increase or decrease to your actual bi-weekly contribution.

Offset percentages below are effective as of May 2003:

Membership Type Employer Offset Percentage

Airport General Members -
Standard and Andrecht-covered Members

Airport General Members -
Executive Members

Withdrawal of Employee Contributions

Employee contributions plus interest are only refundable when the member terminates employment or dies while actively employed.

Airport Authority General Members Contribution Rates

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