SDCERS Appeal to Staff Decisions Process

SDCERS’ Appeal of Staff Decisions Regarding Benefits Policy provides a process allowing a Member or Beneficiary to appeal staff’s decision relating to their benefit. The process is a three-step process which starts with the Member Services Director. If the Member Services Director denies the appeal, the Member or Beneficiary may appeal the decision to the SDCERS CEO. These two steps provide an opportunity for the Member and SDCERS to resolve the appeal informally.

If the CEO denies the appeal, the Member or Beneficiary may request a due process hearing before the SDCERS Business and Governance Committee. The Business and Governance Committee will then make a recommendation to the Board to grant the appeal, deny the appeal or refer the matter out to an adjudicator for hearing. If the Board denies the appeal, the Member or Beneficiary may appeal the Board’s decision by filing a Writ of Mandate in the Superior Court. Members and Beneficiaries are provided information concerning their appeal rights throughout each stage of the process.

Appellants may represent themselves or retain an attorney to represent them at any stage of the appeal process. The Appeal Policy incorporates the process for requesting an appeal at paragraphs 6 through 10.

You can read the Appeal Policy here.

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