Board of Administration

SDCERS is governed by a 13-member Board of Administration, responsible for the prudent administration of retirement benefits for City, Port, and Airport employees, and for overseeing the investment portfolio of SDCERS' trust fund.

In 2004, the voters changed the composition of SDCERS' Board by amending Section 144 of the City  of San Diego City Charter. Effective April 1, 2005, the Board's composition is:

Board Composition

Board Composition Representation
7 Appointed Members Appointed by Mayor and confirmed by City Council (may not be SDCERS Members)
1 Active Fire Safety Member Elected by Active Fire Safety Members
1 Active Police Safety Member Elected by Active Police Safety Members
2 Active General Members Elected by Active General Members
1 Retired Member Elected by Retired Members
1 City Management Employee Appointed by Mayor

Appointed Board members serve four-year terms with a two-term (eight-year) limit. Elected members serve four-year terms. The City management member serves for the period of employment in their position with the City of San Diego.

The SDCERS Board meets six times a year, approximately every eight weeks, at 8:30 a.m. (PST) on Friday; the meeting schedule is reset each January.  Meetings are open to the public and are normally held at 401 West A St., Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92101; this facility is wheelchair accessible. However, since March 2020, all Board and Committee meetings are held remotely due to the ongoing public health crisis and ban on in-person gatherings. Information regarding how to attend a remote meeting as a member of the public can be found in an article on the front page of SDCERS' website, which will be posted the Friday before each Board meeting, as well as in the Board and Committee meeting agendas.

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